This Bloodborne Boss Looks Terrifying

Sony and developer From Software have released a few images of a new boss from the upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive Bloodborne and it looks absolutely terrifying. Darkbeast, as the boss is called, is an electric beast made up of giant skeletal…

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Oblitus Review

Parvus, from the Latin for “little,” is such an apt name for the hero of Oblitus. He spends his waking hours tossing sticks at beasties the size of small buildings, and his jaunts take him among household items such as…

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Republique Review

It begins with a plea for help, a closeup of a teenage girl’s panicked face, clandestinely whispering about being “erased.” Her name is Hope. You don’t know why she’s called you. You can’t quite tell where she is. But you…

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The Division’s PvP “Dark Zones” Detailed

As part of the first-ever The Division podcast on Soundcloud, developers from Ubisoft Massive revealed new details about the multiplayer game’s PvP areas, called Dark Zones. These zones, which are separate from The Division’s main campaign, allow players to fight…

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