Witcher 3 Guide: Taking Advantage of Potion Crafting

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, some of the most important tools you have at your disposal are Geralt’s special Witcher potions. While they are not necessary for your survival in the beginning of the game, they definitely become more…

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This Mousepad Costs $60, Needs to Be Plugged In

Razer today announced a new premium mousepad that needs to be plugged in to fully function, as it comes equipped with LEDs along three of its sides. Called the Razer Firefly, this “hard gaming mouse mat” features customizable lights along…

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Shadowrun: Hong Kong Gets First Trailer and Screenshots

Developer Harebrained Schemes has released the first trailer and screenshots for its upcoming role-playing game, Shadowrun: Hong Kong. The studio has also published a Steam page, where you can pre-purchase the game for $20, a 33 percent markdown from the…

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EA: Need for Speed Sold a Lot Better 10 Years Ago

The Need for Speed franchise still has a lot of upside when it comes to its commercial potential. That’s according to EA developer Ghost Games general manager Marcus Nilsson, who tells GameSpot as part of the new Need for Speed…

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What Need for Speed Game Director Thought of the Movie

2014’s Need for Speed movie–starring Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul and Michael Keaton–made a lot of money, but didn’t exactly win over critics. We already gave you our thoughts on the movie, but what does Need for Speed game director Marcus…

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