Dishonored: Definitive Edition Review

There is nothing a player should relish more in Dishonored than the opportunity to stare down the barrel of a loaded gun. Facing the very real, very quick possibility of being shot opens up a vast, bloody rainbow of possibilities,…

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Super Mario Maker Review

I am not a good game designer, but I knew that before playing Super Mario Maker. In other games with a built-in “creator” mode, like LittleBigPlanet, I would just ignore the creation aspect and focus on playing. Mod and level…

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Sorcerer King Review

There’s a line in The Lord of the Rings that succinctly captures the desperation of the Fellowship’s forlorn journey. It comes near the end, as Sam and Frodo make their way through Mordor. Sam says that he’s not sure that…

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Mortal Kombat X News Teased for Later This Week

The presentation has now ended. NetherRealm capped off the event by teasing that fans will want to watch NetherRealm’s social channels later this week for some news, possibly regarding more DLC. We’ll have all the news for you as it’s…

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Games Dug Out of a Landfill Sell for $107,000

A series of eBay auctions for rare games discovered in a New Mexico landfill has now ended. All together, sales of E.T. and other games unearthed in the Alamogordo landfill totaled $107,930.15. Tularosa Basin Historical Society vice president Joe Lewandowski…

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